You Always Offer My Husband Anal S&x, Now My Husband Has Abandon Me – Wife Confronts Side Chick

It was a shameful scene as wife and the husband side chick come face to face at the Mall in Lagos. The main chick is the wife quickly seized opportunity to express her anger to the side chick.

She accused the side chick of offering her husband anal S&x  and her husband hardly look her side again.


According to the story obtained by our team of City Watch Nigeria, from WithinNigeria the side chick and the main chick ( the wife) met face-to-face at the Mall, the wife hold her while she was shouting on top of her voice, that the side chick to leave her husband only.

The woman said “Leave my husband alone, i have suffered a lot in my marriage” the noise of the woman filled the air and the embarrassment is much, the people around tried wade into the matters were heard begging the wife as they also advise the side chick to run away from the scene to avoid further embarrassment. Watch video from from the scene below.


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