Yahoo boy runs mad

A Yahoo boy runs mad after using his dad for money rituals. Yahoo boy pictured above came out of his GLK Benz ran mad and began confessing.

According to reports, the Yahoo boy pictured above came out of his GLK Benz, ran mad and began confessing.

In the news going viral, he can be heard shouting;

Daddy, Daddy! Daddy, you want to kill me

Onlookers were making passing comments at him. One can be heard saying

“Yo no wan work abi?”

“How many months you come take ride the Benz now?”, another said

The identity or location the incident happened cannot be confirmed at the time of this report.

There has been an alarming rate at which young boys are now engaging in cyber crimes popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo and going into money rituals to make quick money.

Some of these ritualists have resulted to using female pants, body parts and used sanitary pads.