Without Igbo Nigeria Will Have Collapsed – Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday, said Igbo are the reason Nigeria has survived till date.

He also said that Igbo are not after Biafra to dominate Niger Delta oil as erroneously believed and peddled by Biafra haters.

In a statement he personally signed Mazi Kanu, said; “Contrary to unfounded misconceptions in some quarters, Ndigbo is not greedy or domineering but very accommodating and forbearing.”

“They are easy-going and enterprising people whose successes in life have rather earned them envy and jealousy instead of the admiration and applause of their neighbours.”

“The fact remains that Igbo are loving, accommodating, peaceful and enterprising people. They are the reason Nigeria has survived till date.

“The thinking, therefore, that we are after Biafra so that the Igbo can dominate other ethnic nationalities in the new Republic and ultimately claim their oil deposits is uncalled for.

“Such unnecessary fear and warped opinion should be discarded as they are unfounded and only a propaganda tool of those who want to perpetually pin us down in the British bondage called Nigeria.

“Igbo have enough crude oil and other mineral deposits to sustain her people as a country but the quest for Biafra is for the freedom and  overall interest of all the ethnic nationalities involved.”

Mazi Kanu, therefore, berated those whom he said are ignorance, describing them as propagandists and mischief-makers.


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