Why Facebook, Twitter Quickly blocked Pastor Wilson’s viral video

There are pastors and there are pastors. American pastor David E.Wilson is certainly in a class of his own after a video went viral in the last 48 hours after he was caught performing a not-safe-to-be-viewed act on a female church member, in the glare of other members.

We can confirm that both Facebook and Twitter have now blocked the video and the

Wilson, now called the pussy-eating pastor, is said to be a Texas-based pastor, who has spent close to 30 years in the ministry.

According to the Black Preaching Network, Dr. David E. Wilson is a Senior Pastor at BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc.

On his Facebook page, he describes himself like this: “I’m a motivator and love to see lives transformed to the Glory of God.”

People who have seen the lurid clip, that has gone viral in the international social media said it showed the pastor getting intimate with a woman who isn’t his wife

The family of the pastor, from Texarkana, Texas, has reportedly said they do not know if the video is real, and it has not been verified that the man shown in the footage is in fact him.


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