Why Donald Trump Impeachment Will Fail

For quite sometime now, the American politics has been in the limelight owing to the ongoing attempt to impeach the President of the country, Donald Trump.

This has so much generated speculations and controversies across the world. The question now is, what is really behind the quest to dethrone Trump?

This move is reportedly being carried out under the pretext of Trump’s alleged abuse of his office for political gains. But the truth of the matter is, there is more to this than the eyes can see.

Since the advent Trump’s presidency the kingdom of darkness has been restless. This is because the man in charge is not their own, as they always wish to have their own on the seat to promote their villainous intentions.

You know, their defeat in 2016 took them by surprise, hence they are doing everything possible to remove Trump and have their own on the seat.

The activities of Trump is hurting them so much. He has been able to shatter their evil plans in the country and the world as a whole. What I want to let us know is that the devil is not to decide when the end of this age will be.

That decision is God’s to make. The devil decided to carry out the biblical end time prophecies when God has not commanded it to be so. This is why God brought in Donald Trump to interrupt their political dynasty.

Donald Trump is a God-ordained president. This is why Donald Trump will still win again. His presidency is supernatural. No man can unseat him.

His second victory will still shake the whole world like the first one. His party will still dominate in the senate because our God is a perfect God.


Omotimehin Nelson is a Nigerian award-winning content writer. He derives passion for creative writing. Join me

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