Why Bobrisky Was Arrested, How He will Be Forced To Be Man Again And Never Claim Woman

The Nigeria’s number one cross dresser Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky was picked up by men of the Nigerian Police from his Lekki residence. Although the reasons for his arrest was not stated but there are indications that it bothered around his sexuality and his cross dressing lifestyle.

Bobrisky became quite popular and one of the most trending celebrities in the country after he transitioned from Idris to Bobrisky and choosing to be recognized as a female and not a male and has since remained controversial.

While it has not been proven that Bobrisky is indeed a homosexual, his continuous declaration of some faceless ‘sugar Daddy’ and ‘boy friend’ has made him a target and a obect of interest.

Recently, there have been the evolvement of more young men who now want to be like Bobrisky. If Bobrisky can dress like a woman and become a celebrity, why can’t they do the same! Bobrisky dresses completely like a woman, with some parts of his body padded with silicon for the best effect. He lives in a palatial apartment, is referred to as a celebrity, gets endorsement from different brands, flies around the world in first class and rides the best of cars! Why can’t we be like him?

These are most definitely the thoughts in the minds of these new cross dressers who have thrown caution to the wind and grabbed wigs for their heads.

It is obvious that the law in Nigeria frowns deeply at homosexuality and its cohorts. Now that Bobrisky has recruits, the law enforcement agencies is most likely ready to “make Bobrisky a man” again.

The question now is : “Can Bobrisky be a man again?” For those who have followed Bob closely since his metamorphosis from Idris to Bobrisky, the young man clearly stated how his life was meaningless as a man. He made it clear that being a woman made him somebody and there is no way he would go back to being Idris!

Meanwhile, the law is ready to curb the ‘menace’ or ‘nuisance’ of cross dressing in the country before it boomerangs and becomes totally uncontrollable.

Can Bobrisky be a man again? Can he do without the wigs, the silicon and the make up?

One thing is certain, the moment he goes back to being Idris, things will change for him as he has no particular job he does to earn his living.

It is also certain that his endorsements which are majorly women products will stop!

Engagement will drop on his social media pages as there would be no contents to drop.

Bobrisky might become an object of humor for a while, lose friends and become forgotten before long! He might not be able to meet up with his lifestyle anymore which might be totally disastrous for him.

Do you think Bobrisky is ready to go through this defining phase? Definitely not, but with the law and with force, he might have no choice in the long run.


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