What You Didn’t Know About Former Emir Of Kano Lamido Sanusi ll

Who is former Emir of Kano Sanusi ll? and some of these things you never know about him. Sanusi was dethroned yesterday by the Government of Kano State but some qualities of this man never dethroned.

My State News comprehensively observed the journey of Sanusi from the time of his career in the public sector to the time he was crowned as the Kind. At the time Nigeria witnessed a global financial crisis as the CBN Governor Mallam Sanusi brought about several reforms in major Pillars quality bank financial stability, healthy evolution and contribution to the real economy.

However, in 2014 it was suspended by the then President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration after raising an alarm over 20 billion dollars and NNPC scandal, like a book with many chapters and new page-flip for him as he was approved as Emir in Kano.

Did not stop him from expressing his views on various issues? Like National child Education in the North and the alarming rise in poverty in northern Nigeria.

Quoting Sanusi himself, He said, “We just put it over 9.5 million people and issues are considered too sensitive to discuss with millions of northern children out of school you can’t be happy with nine states in the North contributing almost 50% of the entire malnutrition in the country. You can’t be happy with all the issues that might be a problem that we have several the forum’s global leaders for the endemic poverty in the region” He was never afraid to say it irrespective of his office as Emir.


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