What Really Killed General Sani Abacha? Apple Or Money Ritual?

What definitely Killed widespread Sani Abacha? Apple Or money Ritual?

It is time we look at the dying of preferred Sani Abacha. The man can also were used for cash ritual

In case you take a look at the breakdown of loots or bailouts, repatriated up to now from him by myself anytime Nigeria is ‘broke’ you may need to invite some serious questions?

The breakdown of Repatriated finances all in difficult foreign money are as follo ws-

1998 : $750m
2000: $64m
2002: $1.2bn
2003: $160m
2003: $88m
2005: $461m
2006: $44m
2014: $227m
2017: $322m
2019: £211m
2020: $311m

Every time, Nigeria is in dire want of cash, this man ought to ship cash from his grave. We’re so appreciative of this gesture. The past due widespread must be counseled

And social media enthusiasts react to past due Sani Abacha Recovered funds:

Buchim Christopher Wrote: -Thank God for Saint Abacha. The dude has been saving Nigeria and Nigerians, sending us cash from the exceptional past every time we want such. Might also his source of fund in no way dry up. Kudos!

Abacha is the simplest ancestor that cares for Nigerians; he sends cash every so often. Thanks Papa Abacha for usually being there for us. – Azubinne Kindness

After what number of years ..The old man nonetheless de pay us pension-Tony Chinyelu

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