Watch Tottenham Vs Brighton Live Streaming

You can join here to Watch Tottenham Vs Brighton Premier League Live Streaming. Tottenham hosts Brighton in all important Premier league match.

Watch the live streaming of Tottenham Vs Brighton at the comfort of your palm.

Live streaming of Tottenham Vs Brighton is provided by various Online live streaming providers. You can also watch Watch Tottenham Vs Brighton Live streaming on TV channels around you.

What time is the Tottenham Vs Brighton match?

The kick-off time: 17:00 UTC(5:00 pm local time) on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019.

How to watch Tottenham Vs Brighton Live

You can join one of the most familiar online TV channels, FuboTV. Over the years, Fubo Tv has been providing online streaming services ranging from sports to non-sports category. Including FOX, FuboTV offers different sets of premium channels in the subscription plan itself. You can watch Tottenham Vs Brighton live on this live streaming provider.

Tottenham Vs Brighton Sling TV

Sling Tv is the most traditional online streaming service. It offers some premium set of packages at very lesser pricing. Their base package comes at amazing pricing of $25 per month which goes on increasing as per channel availability. You can as well join Sling TV to watch the match live.

Tottenham Vs Brighton on DirectTV Now

In case if you live in an apartment, dorm or rental properties, DirectTV Now is also a fantastic option. At the pricing of $40 per month, you get to enjoy some really good channels right from your home comfort.

Tottenham Vs Brighton on Free Over-the-Air TV

In areas where local affiliate stations are present, you can effortlessly watch Botola Pro with Free Over-the-Air TV. These services cover FOX channels and all that you need is to be in the FOX coverage area.

Tottenham Vs Brighton on YouTube TV

I guess you must be familiar with the YouTube Platform and nothing is wrong with the streaming service of YouTube. If you are willing to pay for viewing online channels, YouTube TV is one of the most perfect options. Although it’s not the cheapest one.


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