(Video) Oyo Govt Disobeys NCDC Social Distancing Guideline In Ajimobi’s Burial

Ajimobi Burial finally laid to rest on Sunday 28th June 2020, My State News monitored the even and we observed the way Government disobeyed NCDC social distancing guideline.

it seems that the Nigeria laws are only enforced for the common man. When it comes to the Privilege, the prominent and the Government official the laws will be bent and adjusted itself.

No wonder some people are doubting this NCDC of a thing, some believe they are working to enrich themselves. So You can’t blame those people.

If you are in the venue of the burial of Ajimobi or you watch it on TV and social media. You will notice the rate at which people disobeyed the NCDC guideline of social distancing.

Some people did not even bother to use nose cover for the burial of somebody who died of COVID19. Oyo State Government could not enforce the NCDC guideline in of late Ajimobi.






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