Varsity directs cultists to denounce or quit institution

-The Management of the Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado Ekiti, had on Sunday directed its students involved in cultism and secret society groups to denounce their membership from any of such group. The school authority has threatened to expose suspected members of such groups and however added that skills acquisition courses had been organised to train and enlighten students for self employment after graduation.

The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Samuel Iye-Bandele, in a news conference addressed the subject, insisting that students engaged in such activities should either repent or quit the institution.

He disclosed that the institution is fed up with the terror usually unleashed on law-abiding students, especially attacks launched on the university community towards the end of last year. He used the occasion to condemn the murder of two students in 2017.

According to him, the management has launched a manhunt for the perpetrators and their external collaborators, stressing that suspects who failed to repent would be dismissed from the institution. He announced that future admission of students would be strict as screening would go beyond perusal of paper qualifications. “Our determination is to leave this university better than we met it by turning out students who will be worthy in learning and character and anyone or group of miscreants trying to constitute clogs on the wheel of our plans will not be spared.

“If parents could toil day and night to ensure their children or wards excelled in their studies and become responsible citizens in future, I wonder why such children should get to school and choose to look the other side. ” It is not our intention to punish those who reconsider their ways and voluntarily renounce membership of such groups, because the Bible says God does not want the death of a sinner but for him to repent and change his old ways, ” he said.

The vice chancellor expressed gratitude to Gov. Ayo Fayose for assenting to a law that prescribed life sentence and death penalty for cultists in the state, especially in institutions. On issues that would improve academic and administrative standards, Bandele described business and research innovations in institutions as potent weapons to boost the ranking of the Nigerian universities with their counterparts in advanced countries. He disclosed that his administration had embarked on aggressive revenue generations through establishment of business ventures. He lamented the high monthly N500 million wage bill of EKSU while the state government released N270 million as subvention.


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