Uzodinma vs Ihedioha: Latest Happenings At The Supreme Court Today

The Supreme Court is currently sitting to deliver the judgment on the review of the earlier judgment on the Imo Governorship election. The first judgment favoured the All Progressives Congress as Hope Uzodinma was asked to be declared as the Governor while the People Democratic Party Emeka Ihedioha was sacked by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is regarded as the final court in the land, and their judgment is final but the latest norms in Nigeria is to ask the Supreme Court to review its own judgment that what exactly what the People Democratic Party Emeka Ihedioha did. He approached the Supreme Court to review and possibly reverse it own judgment that declared APC Hope Uzodinma the governor of Imo State and restore him as the governor.

The case before the Supreme Court is a review of the judgment of Imo State Governorship election. The Supreme court has adjourned the proceeding several time, the last adjournment was yesterday, the 2nd of March to today 3rd of March. As earlier as 10 am the court has started sitting for the hearing of the applications of both parties.

Some of our men are on the ground observing the proceeding at the courtroom. The Supreme Court begins today proceeding by taking argument from the People Democratic Party Ihedioha and the All Progressives Congress Hope Uzodinma and after hours of argument, the Supreme court suspend the proceedings to be resumed by 3 PM.

The recap of what has transpired today at the Supreme Court, the PDP Emeka Ihedioha has asked the court to set aside the judgment that declared Hope Uzodinma as the Governor of Imo State while the APC Hope Uzodinma has asked the Supreme Court to retain its judgment and refuse the request by Ihedioha. Both aired their argument through their Lawyer.

A seven-man panel of the court, led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Ibrahim Muhammad announced the suspension of proceedings and order them to resume at 3 pm today for the final judgment.



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