US Midterm elections 2018 result: Voters reject Donald Trump

Voters trooped out to vote in the United State midterm elections. The results coming in indicated that most voters believe that the Government of Donaldo Trump is heading America in the wrong direction.

US Midterm elections 2018 result shows that majority of voters disapproved Trump’s action in office. They are not happy with the way Donald Trump is running the country.

According to a preliminary CNN exit poll. Some 55 per cent of those asked after voting said they disapproved of Mr Trump’s record in office, while just 44 per cent approved.

The Democrats have been hammering away at healthcare in the final weeks of the campaign, especially on whether people with pre-existing medical conditions will be able to get health insurance.

Some 56 per cent of people said they believed the country was headed in the wrong direction, compared to 41 per cent who said it was on the right track.  Voters polled by CNN also had a favourable view of the Democrat Party overall but an unfavourable view of the Republicans – more good news for Mr Trump’s opponents.

However, pundits cautioned that not all votes had been cast and the nationwide picture can be deceiving given the key results tend to be decided in a small number of key swing states



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