Two inclusive pupils caught having sex in school compound

Two inclusive pupils caught having sex. A class teacher of Ore-ofe primary school Dopemu Agege in Lagos State was in shock to catch two pupils in the special school category engaging in sexual intercourse at the back of the school compound. The two pupils in ages 9 and 10 caught performing series of sex style. The incident happened around 2. 20 pm when the other pupils have already left the school.

Two inclusive pupils caught having sex

According to the eyewitness, the class teacher said, the female counterpart lured the boy into the action. She was always caught touching the sensitive parts of the boys in the class. I wanted to urinate when i spotted them having sex. To my surprised they were doing doggy style when i caught them. the teacher said. For security reason their names are not mentioned here.

The head teacher notified their parents, when the mother of the girl arrived, she turned to a fight accussing the teacher of lying against her daughter and that her daughter cannot do such a thing. The school had several time reported the little girl to her mother for sexually harassing the boys in the class. The mother will not do anything about it rather she would abused the teachers and turned it to a fight. The parent of the boy never showed up.

When the teacher caught them she carried their pants to the head teacher so that the pupils will not deny it. The head teacher showed the pant to the mother of the girl but rather than to talk to her daughter, She threatened to beat up the class teacher. Some people even suggested maybe that is what her mother is doing at home.

Please parents do your own part of bring up these children in a right way. Teacher will only do their best.

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