TVC Yourview hosts Babatunde Fashola on Power situation in Nigeria

TVC Yourview hosts Babatunde Fashola. The TCV Yourview hosts the Minister of Power, Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola this morning on the burning issues of Power situation in Nigeria. The Minister answered questions from Morayo and her crew about his ministry. Fashola also reviewed Nigeria newspapers with the girls a segment on the Yourview programme. The Minister made it known that he has improved the power production and distribution in Nigeria from where he met it in 2016. He also promised that Nigerian households would enjoy an improved power supply very soon.

TVC Yourview hosts Babatunde Fashola

Babatunde Fashola was responding to various questions from the ladies on issues that bother the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing. At the high point of the interview, one of the ladies Jumoke asked the trending question since 2015, a statement accredited to the Fashola only a failed government that will not fix electricity in six Month. Responding to the question, He first asked Jumoke where did he say that and he said he was misquoted that what he said was that if he had his way he will distribute power to household in Ikoyi within six Months.

The Minister however said that  ”The electricity problems we face are not unique to our country I don’t want to hear the story of power is the problem, we are on two sides of the river, you gain from us and we gain from you. I don’t repeat what people say, I do mine. I have improved on what I met, the power production have improved and will continue to improve”.

He also answer some questions bothering about the prepaid meters in some area of the country,he said we are working round the clock to solve the power supply problem. We are going to get more more meters this year.

The Minister assured Nigerians of Power distribution will be improved upon in coming years.

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