#TrumpImpeachment: Donald Trump set to become third US president in history to be impeached – live updates

Donald Trump is set to become only the third president in US history to be impeached, with a historic debate underway in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

It puts a momentous black mark against Mr Trump’s legacy in the White House. However, impeachment in the House does not automatically result in removal from office. That decision is taken by the US Senate, which is set to hold a trial on Mr Trump’s fate in January. At least 67 of the 100 senators would need to vote for removal for it to happen. It is expected to fall well short, given the Republicans hold the Senate majority.

In a heated debate in the House of Representatives, Democrats and Republicans have clashed over whether the US president’s behaviour in the Ukraine scandal warranted removal from office.

Mr Trump’s opponents said his attempt to get Kyiv to investigate his political rival Joe Biden effectively betrayed his oath of office, undermining US national security for his personal benefit.

They argued his “reckless” behaviour amounted to an abuse of presidential power and warned that Mr Trump was acting like a “king” or tyrant in believing he should continue in the Oval Office.


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