Trump tower engulfed with fire claims one life [Photos]

Trump tower engulfed with fire claims one life. One man has reported dead in the fire outbreak from Trump tower in New York. President Donald Trump first lady Melania and their son, Barron, were in Washington, D.C. when the fire broke out. Mr. Todd Brassner, who was the occupant of 50th floor was critically injured, rushed to the hospital and later confirmed dead.

According the report, the entire Trump Tower was engilfed with fire but the intervention of Fire Department of New York Commissioner helped to put the fire under control. And about 200 firefighters and EMS members responded to the scene. A cause of the fire has not been determined.

Trump tower engulfed with fire claims one life

The president of United State of America Donald Trump in his tweet thanks the people that responded timely to the fire incident. He said;


Trump Tower has a total of 50 stories, the fire started arround 6.00pm and firefighters did their best to put out the fire but in  the process about 3 firefighters were seriously injured and was admitted to the Hospital. They are still receiving treatment at the point of reporting.


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