How to track and find your lost Android phone

Worried about misplacing your phone or worse having it stolen. Well you do not have to look any further. Track and find your lost Android phone by reading this article

The feature, track and find your lost Android phone is not available only to the big boys in the tech market. Your little smart phone can equally be found with ease. You just have to now how it works. For locating the best accurate location of your phone, all that is required is a WiFi or internet signal. you can equally use GPS or mobile networks but that might take some time.

How to track and find your lost Android phone
How to track and find your lost Android phone

However, once you have a google account, you can easily track and find a lost device through all of the processes discussed below.

There are many ways to track and find a lost device but we will be talking about two great ways to do so and which way works best.

How to track and find your lost Android phone using Google

The first step about using Google is that you must have previously set this feature up on your phone before using. If you have not then you may not be so lucky. this feature comes with many Android devices as the “Find My device” button. But you will have to activate it before it can begin working. Once it is turned on and working, whenever your phone goes missing, you can quickly use your friend’s phone or laptop to find it.

How to enable the ‘Find My device” on your phone

Many newer Android phones, like i said earlier have this feature automatically embedded. But if yours does not have it, then you should click here to download the Find My device app and set up.

And now to activate the feature, simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to ‘Settings”
  • Click “Security and lock screen
  • Click “Device administrators”
  • Now, tap “Find My device” and check that you mark the box
  • Now tap the back button on the top left corner of your screen
  • , tap again to return to the settings menu
  • Check to see that your location is set to high accuracy. This is very important
  • Lastly, Tab the “Location History ” button and make sure it is turned on

Locating your phone

If you do lose your phone, here are steps on how you can get it back quickly

  • Using a phone, tablet or computer via the web browser, click this webpage,
  • You may have to enter your email address and password
  • once done, you have three options to find your phone, you can either play a sound from it, lock the phone especially if it has a fingerprint section or passcode or erase your phone.

If you cannot find your phone within the time because the phone is not connected to the internet, there is no cause for alarm, soon the culprit would wish to use it and once it is connected, you can find the location.

Using Third party apps to track and find your lost phone

This third party apps can also give you access and ensure you stay ahead. Some of the best locator apps include:

  1. Family Locator:

The Family Locator app offers a GPS tracker that keeps your phone within your grasp. it is essentially useful even when you wish to track multiple phones. You can easily track and find your lost Android phone with this app. In addition it is a free app but would come with lots of adverts. To download, click here

2. Cerebus anit-theft

This locator app, gives an array of features. You can easily track and find your phone with it. But you can also lock, ring, erase, access your camera, sound an alarm even if your phone was set in silent mode with this app. Also, this app is totally free. To download, click here

3. Prey Anti Theft

The Prey Anti Theft app is really an awesome locator app, you can protect three devices through a single download on one device. You can equally take screen shots, sound an alarm or immediately lock down the phone once you find it missing. This is also a free app. To download, click here

The best solution is naturally using the Google location device. However, using it means you can never put off your location. But while its even more beneficial than others is that when you use apps, once the thief sets the phone to factory reset, you have lost the device in reality. But with Google locator, you can still track and find your device because until you are logged out of that device, it is still yours.And this is how you track and find your lost Android phone.



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