Tosun Signed as Everton New Striker

Sam Allardyce has spared no blink of time in signing Cenk Tosun to Everton side from Beskitas.

The Turkish striker was directly behind Demba Ba who played formerly as Shangai Sh strikers before he got his his transfer to Beskitas on the 31 January, 2017. Followed by Mario Gomez in the pecking order during his first two seasons at Beskitas.

Although, Tosun mainly featured as a substitute, he still manage six goals in his first campaign and ten more goals in his second campaign, so much encouraging improvement on his profile.

Tosun has increased his goal draw since in his service for the Beskitas, he opened up in his words that he has only played well in return to the faith his coach had on him, that was worth repaying.

Cenk Tosun took the center stage after in the team, scoring 21 goals and generating 5 assists which launched Beskitas to winning the Super Liga title in two successive seasons under the Senol Gunes 2016/2017.

“Congratulations on your move. Remember some of the skills i taught you couple of years back. you gonna need them out there”, Demba Ba message to Cenk, although in saucy manner.

The 26 years old Turkish striker has also showcased his proficiency on the international stage, recording top scoring for Turkey with brilliant goals in nine FIFA World Cup qualifying appearances which sums up his overall tally to 8 goals in 25 appearances.
Beskitas agree on record $36 million deal for transfer of Cenk Tosun. The deal was initially delayed after Beskitas said it wanted to hold out for better deal than 25 million pounds Everton offer.

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