Top 10 Offline Strategy Games for Android 2018 – Free download

Welcome this tutorial i will show you top 10 offline strategy games for Android 2018. Strategy games will improve your thinking skill and memory. If you own an android smartphone it is time to full enjoy it by downloading and play strategy games. You will see the bucket full of it in android play store. Here we will select Top 10 Offline Strategy Games for Android 2018. Read on.

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Offline Strategy games you can download and play offline without internet connection. We have 100 of thousands offline strategy games on Google Playstore.

Let me run you through top 10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2018. This is the list of  Top 10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2017 with no particular order.

Top 10 Offline Strategy Games for Android 2018

1. Traffic Rider (Free, In-app Products)

Traffic Rider (Free, In-app Products)

I love racing games. if you do, Traffic Rider is my best racing game. Just takes a look at the graphics. it has very good graphic. Traffic Rider takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding a full career mode, first person view perspective, better graphics and real life recorded bike sounds. it finds its differentiating variable in the fact that the bike noises have been recorded with the help of real bikes.

Traffic Rider can be downloaded from Playstore Here

2.  Pixel Dungeon (Free, In-app Purchase)

 Pixel Dungeon (Free, In-app Purchase)


Pixel Dungeon has a feel of a traditional game with pixelated graphics. But make no mistake about its entertainment prowess.  top 10 Offline Strategy Games for Android 2018

The game may seem simple with the objective being to explore the depth of the dungeons, collecting items to fight the monsters and ultimately finding the Amulet of Yendor, things often go out of hand due to one fantastic feature – random level generation.

It is often considered as one of the most challenging RPG games to hit the Android app store. download HERE.

3. Hungry Shark Evolution (Free, In-app Products)

 Hungry Shark Evolution (Free, In-app Products)

Take control of a very Hungry Shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage. Survive as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way. Explore underwater worlds filled with delicious and exotic creatures. This one is simple enough. Be a hungry shark and eat everything in your environment. The objective is to last as long as you can while doing so.

This is analogous to an open world (read ocean) game which is open for exploration.

Other features include 14 types of sharks, 75 + missions, different shark gadgets, 3D graphics as well as tilt gameplay support. Download from playstore here 

4. War Inc. game

War Inc


Build powerful towers, form an advanced army, and conquer your enemies in intensive battles against rogue commanders and thousands of foes online in a world of war-torn lands for precious resources and glory.

War Inc. is a modern military strategy game with a stunningly detailed combat system, immersive battle gameplay, intelligent units, and in-depth strategy that will keep you planning, playing, and outwitting your opponents at every turn. Do your duty for the modern world and combat your foes.

War Inc can be downloaded for free from Play Store here.

5. Brothers in Arms 3 (Free, In-app Products)

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 top our list for the day. It is a massively multiplayer game that can be played against players around the world (with an internet connection, though).

But there is an offline story mode too, where we follow Sergeant Wright in the aftermath of the World War 2 invasion.

Also, there are four maps to master and two gameplay modes to try – Free for all and Team Death match.

Watch the fantastic gameplay here

6. Plants vs. Zombie 2

 10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2017

Plants vs Zombie is another good game in the list of top 10 offline strategy games for Android 2018. Play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days. Amass an army of amazing plants, supercharge them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain.

Plants vs. Zombie 2 can be downloaded for free from Play Store here.

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7.  Infinity Loop (Free, In-app Purchase)

Infinity Loop is a relaxing and fun puzzle game consisting of 2 modes. In the first mode, you have to change the orientation of the objects on the screen and align them into a single closed loop.

The second mode reverses the concept, and the objective becomes to de-loop the blocks into individual pieces.

The best thing about Infinity Loop is that the first game mode is free to play and consists of infinite levels.

The second game mode is free to play up to level 100.

Let’s look at the gameplay in the video


 10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2017

Embark on your own epic journey in Banner Saga, the critically acclaimed tactical RPG where your strategic choices directly affect your personal story and the world around you. 10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2017
Leave your home and strike out on a desperate journey to save your people. Lead your caravan across stunning environments and into war with enemy clans and vicious Drudge soldiers. Build relationships and make choices that will shape the future of your clan as you scramble to survive in this beautiful, bleak world.

Banner Saga costs $10 on Play Store and can be downloaded here.

9. The Room 3

The Room 3

Although its price being on a bit higher side, The Room 3 is a highly acclaimed Android game, both by critics and players alike.

It features numerous physical puzzles in a stunning world where you have to solve mind-boggling trials devised by a mysterious genius.

The game is often hailed for its amazing graphics and attention to detail designs.

Judge it for yourself in the video

10. Cards and Castles

 10 Offline Strategy Games for Android 2017

The last collection on the list of top 10 offline strategy games for Android 2018. Cards and Castles is a Tactical Card Collection Game, combining the best parts of tactical games and CCGs into one awesome combo! Collect cards and to destroy your enemy’s castle using multi faction deck building, fully controllable units, area spells, buffs, enchantments, buildings, and more! Choose from five factions for a unique combination of cards and abilities to use in battle. Collect cards to create more strategies and combos to dominate your opponents and destroy their base!

Cards and Castles can be downloaded for free from Play Store here.

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