Toke Makinwa Implores Ladies To Get Vibrators To Help Themselves

Toke Makinwa the public figure, bestselling author, actress and multimedia personality, Toke Makinwa implores ladies to get at least three vibrators all because she herself has three different vibrators.

On her official tweeter account, she tweets three different images of sex dolls and three different images of the vibrator which some of her followers are officially attacking her on her comment section.

Toke Makinwa

Here is one of her follower on Twitter who tweeted under the comment section that “how on earth would she try to persuade ladies to have at least three vibrator’s and sex dolls not to even talk of one but three. this is the the last thing I would buy with my money or receive  from someone”.says the follower.

Toke went ahead saying this are the three important instruments/tools to get in this stay at the home season for ladies to stay safe, despite Toke’s glitzy and glamorous lifestyle, a number of ladies and men seem to love to hate her as they disagree with some of her interesting opinions.

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