This Nation shutdown is starting to affect Nigerians-Burna Boy

The music star took to his official Twitter account handle and lamented that the saddest thing is that we Nigerian in the country would be put on unpaid leaves.

Hustling is a necessity that makes social distancing hard! so how are we Nigerian’s holding up? Let’s figure it out together”, tweeted the singer.

He urges Nigerians to please render helps to those who are in need of it and in the process of helping others we should so be careful for the these we do, because of these outbreaks is real and is already starting to affect we Nigerians including the rich.

My fellow musician you people know a lot presently his fiance is now tested positive of the coronavirus.

I beg of you guys to please follow instructions of the world like making use of hand sanitizers and staying indoors, so as to limit the spread of Covid-19.

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