Jungle Injustice: Thief burnt alive in Lagos [Photos and Video]

Thief burnt alive in Lagos. A suspected thief was caught in Apapa Area of Lagos. He was beaten mercilessly with a machete, stoned and later set ablaze. The incident was reported by a Facebook user, Felix Iheme who narrated unfortunate indecent and uploaded the video online.

According to the guy, who shared the videos and photos, the incident happened in Lagos today. In one of the videos, the suspected thief is seen pleading for his life as stones were thrown at him and he bled. His attackers can be heard speaking Igbo in the video.

“Pour fuel on his body,” one man said in igbo as other machete-wielding men stood guard closeby to keep the thief from escaping.

“Biko zie (please now),” the thief pleaded.

But his pleas fell on deaf ears and they poured fuel on him. At this, he jumped up in alarm and ran away but they ran after him, some with stones, others with machetes.

He was eventually caught and a tire was thrown at him and he was set ablaze. Even while burning, he ran for his life but they caught up with him and made sure he burnt to death. He even pooped on himself out of fear as the fire consumed him.

This is the jungle justice but it looks like Jungle injustice to me. It takes a man with a strong heart to watch the video.

Thief burnt alive in Lagos

Check the graphic photos below:


Watch the videos here

Watch the full video Here


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