These States Have The Most Beautiful girls In Nigeria

Generally Nigerian ladies are beautiful and endowed with body structures. Although beauty are in the eye of beholder. All in all in Africa Nigerians girls are the most beautiful. Now some states in Nigeria have girls who are uniquely beautiful.

Majority of the girls from these states are beautiful, but mind you, you can find beautiful girls in any state of Nigeria.

After thorough research into which states that has beautiful girls in Nigeria, we have come out with the list of these states:

  1. Imo State

Girls from this state are beautiful, tall and endowed with everything you can find in a woman. If are looking for a beautiful girl to date or marry in term of beauty you may consider Imo girls.

  1. Edo State

Edo girls are beautiful, fair and tall. They are also endowed with a good body structure. If you have money to flash you can consider dating Edo girl, mind you they like money.

  1. Cross Rivers.

Calabar girls are not only beautiful but best in bed. Calabar are en endowed with naturally body structure, they are the type we described as they carry front, they carry back. They are also blessed with good delicacies. .

  1. Rivers State

Rivers state girls are naturally beautiful and one of the most expensive ladies in the country. They are classic girls.

  1. Lagos State

If you visit Lagos you will find most beautiful and expensive ladies in the country. They may come from different region in Nigeria. But Lagos babes are beautiful.

Beautiful girls can be found in everywhere in Nigeria. Let join the conversion, you can complete the list by suggesting additional five states that have most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Use your comment box below.


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