The World faces its biggest crisis’ says UN as  death toll passes 9,000 

The secretary-general of the united nations of America made a speech about the ongoing pandemic of the deadly coronavirus which as made massive destruction on the inhabitants of earth it’s self via the micro-blogging platform.

We are facing the world biggest crisis since the Second World War ended, the UN’s secretary-general warned, as we battle this coronavirus pandemic outbreak which is now a threat to every human race in each and every country.

The UN chief Antonio Guterres, warns the outbreak will is sure to bring a recession to all inhabitants of this country and not only the country but all of this planet and this would probably have no parallel in recent past, as he called for a very strong and more effective mass response.

UK, Italy, Spain, France and Russia record their highest daily death toll from the deadly virus Covid-19.

The Deaths rates in the UK rise from 381 to 1,789, an 27 per cent on-day increase.

The British national was among four people who were claimed to have died due to the deadly infection of the coronavirus on a passenger ship, at the centre of a bitter dispute over plans to disembark passengers on board at the United State of America.

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