Ten Myths About Sex That Are Totally Untrue

In this part of the world, sex is considered sacred and typically, people shy away from the topic. But we are a country of over 180 million people so it means a bunch of people, whether or not they like to talk about it, have been busy. 

myth about sex

Luckily, Gen Z and late Millennials are a lot more open to the idea of discussing sex. Since we cannot deny that people are getting ‘some’, it’s also important to find ways to maximize the act to its full capacity. This means that we must consider all things that could hinder the best possible kind of sex you can have.

Here are ten myths about sex that are totally untrue:

1. You can’t have sex on your period: this is false, in fact, there are a number of health benefits to having sex on your period, including the ease of menstrual pain. Be sure to be safe though as there’s still a small possibility you can get pregnant even if you are on your period.

2. Condoms reduce the sweetness of sex: This is so untrue, most condoms are light enough and coated with enough lubricant to make sex feel as good as it would with ‘skin to skin’. They will also save you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

3. You can get pregnant from oral sex: this myth about sex is actually laughable. Even if you swallow sperm during oral sex, you CANNOT get pregnant. The only way to get pregnant is for sperm to pass through the vagina.

4. You cannot get an STD from oral sex: It is super important to realize that this is false. You CAN get STDs from oral sex almost as much as you can from penetrative sex, so stay safe.

5. You will be safer if you double your condom: This is definitely one case where two is not better than one. Doubling your condom will only increase friction and make it easier for the condom to break and leave you right where you started.

6. Only a woman can help a man if he has ‘blue balls’: This is genuinely the kind of lie that has gotten many girls to do something they don’t want to. If a guy gets blue balls because he is aroused and needs to ejaculate, he can masturbate and it will still be as effective.

7. Masturbation is bad for you: Another laughable myth about sex. There are several studies that show that masturbation can be very beneficial for your health and emotions. And as an added bonus, masturbation will help you understand your body enough that you’ll know just what you like.

8. Your vagina will get wider if you have too much sex: This. Is. Not. A. Thing. Stop feeling some type of way because you think your vagina is too loose. The vagina expands during sex and returns to its original size after sex. And that’s all there is to that.

9. The longer the penis, the better the sex: All you need is a man with good stamina, mobility, skill and the desire to help you reach orgasm; and you’ve hit the jackpot!

10. The best sex happens when it goes on for longer than 25 minutes: This is such a big lie! Most women will attest to the fact that they get sore when sex goes on for too long. While the pain can be somewhat pleasurable, it can also be uncomfortable. GQ also revealed that after short research in 2019, they found that the average time of sex for most respondents was about 5.4 minutes (this is not inclusive of foreplay).

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