Tell us the nature of your sickness – Nigerians fire Buhari

Tell us the nature of your sickness – Nigerians fire Buhari. Nigerians have demanded to know the nature of the sickness confronting the President as he jet out of the country to UK for medical treatment. Reactions have trooping in on social media.

The President tweet on twitter attracted some angry reactions from Nigerians. Buhari wrote on twitter that “I will be traveling to the United Kingdom tomorrow, to see my doctor, at his request. Will be away for four days; back in Abuja on Saturday, May 12.”

The reactions range from anger that the President was travelling again, to the inability of his administration to fix the health sector and the call for disclosure of his ailment.

Tell us the nature of your sickness – Nigerians fire Buhari

Some of the reactions collected from President Buhari’s tweet are listed below:

Miz Cazorla @MizCazorla1 For the sake of transparency and accountability which you and your party stands for, can you atleast tell Nigerians the nature of your unending sickness and the amount of tax-payers money spent so far on this sickness of yours? Thanks.

Chuky Unadulterated @ChukyUnfazed   That is all you do sir, tend to your health . You are not healthy or fit enough to run the Nation ,yet you persist in holding on to power. Dont you fear God?

mbahchinemelum2 @mbahchinemelum4  Garba Shehu has just announced that Buhari is heading to London tomorrow to have a “meeting” with his Doctors. Me: The President is sick and has not been physically fit to perform his duties as President. A real man of integrity would have resigned!

Robinson Mugisha @mugishaOfficial  Don’t u’ve hospitals and Specialist Doctors in Nigeria?, Is this worth tweeting Mr. President? No wonder u betrayed Africa by not joining Africa Continental free trade Area. Whr is the love of Africa & Nigeria, if the strongest economy in Africa has no a good health sector?

Well the president has promised to come back on Saturday 12th..

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