TB Joshua Reveals Why INEC Postponed Election

Celebrated globally for the gift of his spiritual depth, foremost preacher and senior cleric of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua has, once again, demonstrated the grace of God upon his life by setting the record of his accuracy straight following the announced postponement of Nigeria’s 2019 general elections billed to have taken place yesterday, Saturday, February 16. The world had waited to witness Nigeria’s Presidential and National Assembly elections scheduled to have held yesterday and the Governorship, State House of Assembly and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Area Council elections on March 2.

Early last week, Prophet T.B. Joshua had revealed to select journalists that the general election would be postponed, insisting that God would have his way. According to him, “The Nigerian election may likely be postponed because of many challenges. In whatever way, God is in control.”

The precision of the fulfilment would not have caught all those who had taken, listened and believed the prophecy of the man of God to heart. However, many others were shocked when they woke up to the news of the postponement. Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Mahmood Yakubu announced the postponement of the election at exactly 2.30 a.m. on Saturday, morning of the earlier scheduled election.

The new dates for the elections are February 23 for Presidential and National Assembly elections and March 9 for Governorship and State Assembly elections.

It will be recalled that exactly a week ago, Sunday, February 10, 2019, during a televised broadcast at the headquarters of the church to millions of the church’s faithful both within Nigeria and outside the country, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke in clear terms about what to expect on the elections. According to him, “I want to tell you that no matter the situation, be calm. God is in control. Those who will cause trouble will see trouble and those who will cause peace will see peace.”

He went further to caution that the elections would generate a lot of controversies and that there would be palpable fear across the country but he added that God would show himself mighty and that everyone would give God his due respect after the whole exercise.

“After the elections, there will be a lot of situations on ground. To the ordinary eyes, it will look very fearful. When the cloud is darker, it’s about to rain. Everyone will start running so that you can get home before the rain. That is the situation we are going to face in Nigeria. You see the clouds so dark as if it’s about to rain, but suddenly the dark cloud disappears. You now say, ‘God is great’. You will respect God more after your election.

“When you come out to cause trouble, panic, you yourself will see that trouble. But if you come out with peace, you will see peace. If anything happens to this country called Nigeria, that is the end of Africa. Therefore, God almighty will never allow anything to happen. You will see many things that will make you fear but this nation has a very strong bond with God. If the people of Nigeria want to cause trouble, they will cause trouble for themselves but the nation Nigeria will stand. Nobody can shake this country; it is a very strong country. It has a very strong bond with God,” he said.

It will be recalled that Prophet Joshua had called on all during another gathering that “join me to pray for my nation. I have a message for my country Nigeria. If the whole thing is not well here we can’t gather together in this country. Let’s pray against a stopover and pray for a smooth democracy.”

About halfway into 2018, Prophet Joshua while holding one of the church’s services had stated, “I have a message for my country and I want you to pray with me. After the message, you join me in prayers. This is the third time I am having this message. Now I am going to say it the third time. The president’s heart is like a stream of water in the hands of God. The leader’s heart is like a stream of water in the hands of God and He can control it wherever He wants.

“The first time I had the dream, I prayed, I fasted on my own. The second time I had the dream, I also prayed and fasted. But this time, you must join me in prayer because two believers are better than one.

“Since I got the message that our future is in the valley, I kept to myself. I should not go beyond God; I should go before Him. The Lord said to me that I should tell the nation and the leaders to pray against the interruption of democratic practice. You have to join me in prayer. The Lord gave me what to pray about because in this case, there must be prayers given to you.

“What are the prayers? Number one is that the Lord will give our leaders greater understanding of God’s heart. Number two is that the Lord should give them the understanding and discretion to guide their hearts. Number three is to give them understanding that will protect them and wisdom that will rescue them.”

With this, it is instructive to note that all hands must be on deck to work with the Prophet in working and praying for a better, greater Nigeria and a world at peace with God.


Omotimehin Nelson is a Nigerian award-winning content writer. He derives passion for creative writing. Join me