TB Joshua Prophesies About The Coming Of Biafra In 2020

The founder and president of Synagogue Church for all Nations TB Joshua, has joined other men of God who prophesied about the coming of Biafra in 2020.

TB Joshua in his prophecies concerning Biafra, he said:

“I saw it in dream where all Igbos from different states in Nigeria and different Countries in the World gathered in one place some where in Enugu, holding Biafra flag singing and dancing.”

“Biafra will become a Nation very soon and many Nations will partner with Biafra for fast development.”

He’s seen and regarded as the chosen one who’s sent to liberate the indegenous people of Biafra from Nigeria. And that he’s meant to complement the unfinished work chukwuma Ojukwu, the fore runner of Biafra.

No wonder some men of God have begun to the vision of the possibility of Biafra declaration.


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