TB Joshua Caught In The Web Of Failed Prophecy On Coronavirus

The great Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue of Church of all Nations has been caught in failed prophecy on coronavirus. The prophecy by TB Joshua came shortly as Nigeria recorded the first case of coronavirus. TB Joshua prophesied that the dreaded coronavirus pandemic will be over by March 27th and every Nigerians gladly received the prophecy with joy and breadth of hope for everybody around the world.

Watching from Emmanual TV, it was like God has spoken and Yes it will come to past. Afterall coronavirus will end by March 27th so there is no need to panic. Praise the God Almighty for the timely intervention, coronavirus will not last and the Prophet has said it. Because God does not lie and whatever he said will come to past.

Going forward, Another prophecy came but this time around not from prophet but a Nigerian Pastor who command the largest Christian gathering in Nigeria and in the world at large. As he simply called Pastor Adeboye or Daddy GO. Pastor Adeboye systematically counter the prophecy from the Prophet disclosing that the coronavirus will not die but it will subside. Giving the details explanation to back the prophecy. Both the Prophet and the Pastor are well-respected in Nigeria and all over the world. Should we say Prophet did not listen very well from God or God later changed his mind on Coronavirus and gave the correct version of the prophecy to the Pastor. Nobody correctly predicts God, He is the Almighty God, He can kill and also save.

From yesterday, I begin to notice the mood of Nigerians, remanding Prophet TB Joshua about his Prophecy of ending coronavirus on March 27th. Impatience Nigerians as I thought in my mind, 24 hours is enough for God to do the miracle and miraculously ends coronavirus before the tomorrow which today.

In yesterday I begin to worry and Nigeria centre of disease control announced 14 cases in Nigeria not to talk of the rest of the world. I worried not because of the prophecy that will not come to past but because of the reputation of the one who gave the prophecy. Trust Nigerians opening my Twitter what I saw was beyond my imagination. Nigerians have practically cracked out on the Man of God reminding him not to forget Tomorrow which is today.

My State News scanning Twitter at a wake of today, TB Joshua has jumped to the top of Twitter trend what are Nigerians saying about this alleged failed prophecy.



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