Talking Dolls The Movie hit the cinema across Nigeria

The most talked about Nollywood Movie ‘Talking Dolls’ is now showing on all cinemas in  Nigeria. The movie is now currently shown in major cinema in Nigeria especially in Lagos Nigeria.

Talking Dolls starred by Daniel K Daniel, Belinda Effah, Mofe Duncan, Tamara Komboye, Kunle Oladej, Mikes Comedy, Yetunde Oduwole, Marie Gomez, Olukunle Fafowora, Feona Mali, Natalie Deadman, Junior Adeosun and Victoria Inyama.

Talking Dolls The Movie hit the cinema across Nigeria

Watch the official trailer of the movie Talking Dolls below

Crew members are already reacting to the movie Talking Dolls. The hashtag is also trending on .

Talking about the movie, Kunle Oladeji said: “Talking Dolls is a controversial story which will definitely not only be a movie to watch once at the cinema but one to watch over and over again. A movie full packed with life lessons for everyone both old & young regardless of your ethnicity, religion or background. Wow, what can I say about the cast and crew. It was an amazing experience working with each and everyone & definitely will jump at the chance to work with the Producer again”.

According to Tamara Komboye, “The script is mind blowing as it includes (drinking, drug use, sexual assaults) and one strength of the story is its portrayal of infidelity and typical situations we are faced with or know someone who may have been in similar situation. My goal was to interpret Ireti’s character, and I loved working with my favorite actors in the industry, people who are great fun to work with yet also extremely talented. This is the best cast I have ever worked with and I think we are creating something really special”.


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