Taliban attack kills 25 soldiers in western Afghanistan

A Taliban attack killed 25 soldiers in western Afghanistan, an official confirmed on Monday. Defying Afghan government’s calls for truce during the holy month of Ramadan, the Taliban assaulted a military check post in the western Farah province bordering Iran.

Shah Mehmood Naimi, deputy chairman of the provincial assembly, told Anadolu Agency that scores of Taliban insurgents stormed a military compound in an overnight attack on the main highway linking Herat and Kandahar provinces.

He confirmed the death toll of the attack that began Sunday night and continued till early Monday morning.

The Taliban took responsibility for the deadly attack.

Qari Yosuf Ahmadi, the Taliban spokesman, said in a statement that a military check post was completely overrun in Gulistan district on the main highway.

He claimed a large number of weapons and equipment were seized and two soldiers were taken captive.

A day earlier, at least 13 security forces were killed in a Taliban assault on a police headquarters in Baghlan province. Eight insurgents were also killed in the attack.

The attacks came despite President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s call for peace and reconciliation during the month of Ramadan.

“I once again call on the Taliban to respect this holy month and address the demand of Afghans for peace and reconciliation which was reflected at the Loya Jirga (grand consultative council of elders) for peace,” he said.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan also urged all parties to the conflict to halt the fighting.


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