Skincare brand calls out Bobrisky over breach of N2m contract.

Skincare brand calls out Bobrisky over breach of N2m contract.

skincare company has taken to social media to call out top crossdresser, Bobrisky – Identified as Pamper Glow, they accused the effeminate influencer of lying to secure the deal – According to the post, after receiving a part payment of N2m, Bobrisky has remained difficult to reach – He, however, said he’d refund the money but the company is yet to receive it and have threatened legal actions if he doe not refund before a certain date.

Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, appears to have gotten on the wrong side with a skincare company over a breach of contract which he received the sum of N2,000,000 as part payment. Identified as Pamper Glow, the company took to its official page to call out the effeminate social media influencer and accused him of lying to secure the deal.this, they asked that he refund the money paid to him and he gave them a date to receive their money, saying he does not do mobile bank transfers. Pamper Glow said the date he gave to refund the money came, but he did not refund the money.

They stated that they called and sent messages but he ignored all of them and instead, came up with another story. The company is now threatening legal actions if the money is not refunded by July 28, 2020

Barelya few hours ago, Bobrisky released a video to his fans and prospective admirers. In the video, he said that people should never be too quick to judge his personality based on the things they have heard from other people. The famous cross-dresser preened himself up, saying that his heart is golden. “Most times when I look at the mirror, I appreciate myself. A lot of people don’t know me but they are quick to judge so quick…based on what bloggers have said about me. Please, please, never judge me without meeting me in person. I promise you when you meet in person, you’ll someone different from the Bobrisky you heard about,” he said.

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