Six Things You Must Do At A Nigerian Police Checkpoint

With all of the stories shared from the End SARS movement, one thing is sure, police brutality is a real menace in Nigeria. That is why it is important to be adequately prepared to face the men of the Nigerian Police Force at every point you may have to interact with them. These are six things you must do if you run into a police checkpoint, may the force be with you.

1. Stop when you are asked to: Don’t give them any reason to assume that you have something to hide by not immediately obeying their request to stop. It could put you at a disadvantage and give them more reasons to be suspicious of you.

2. Speak gently to the Police officers: Nigerian police officers can be aggravating and slightly condescending in their approach. But even if you are irritated or you don’t like them, you must do everything to hide your disdain. Pretend like the police are your friend even if you know it’s a load of crap.

3. Provide all documents requested: The police are most likely to ask for license and registration. Give it to them immediately, without any argument. It goes without saying, that you shouldn’t be driving if you don’t have your papers and without any form of identification.

Police checkpoint

4. Obey all instructions: They can sometimes go overboard with their instructions like asking you to step out of your car and searching you. Just obey, to ensure your own safety and give them little reason to be violent.

5. Try not to panic: With everything that has been happening in Nigeria right now, it is possible to be afraid of the Police. Some may even say it’s wise to approach the Police with a certain level of fear, and they will be right. But you must make sure you don’t react according to the fear because that could get you killed.

6. Pray: Just because some of the men in the Nigerian Police Force have deep-seated issues, I’ll advise that you pray as soon as you see a police checkpoint. And also, because all of the above may not save you from their blood-thirsty hands, you may need some divine intervention. God help you!

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