See Reasons Why Most Men Cheat And Get Away With It

I keep getting this question “Why Do Most Men Cheat” from ladies on a daily basis, then I came to understand that one the worst things ladies may think is “Cheating Husband”.

The rate of cheating these days is seriously alarming and has seemed not to have a remedy.

The fact is that it’s not only the men that cheat, women cheat also. It’s quite unfortunate that cheating has killed many relationships and marriages, and has even sent many to their early graves. Sometimes I do ask “why is it that the rate at which relationships and marriages die these days is high? Could it be lack of maturity?” But the fact is that these days many rush into relationships or marriages lacking maturity in mind.

Homes have been destroyed, many children left as orphans because of problems in marriages; it’s high time we start to think about this, What is the fate of our society should we continue this way?

So as a man I am, I have decided to infer some possible things that may compel most men to cheat on their wives, and I guess if a problem is known it is almost solved!

Consider the following points:

  1. If The Wife Is Stingy In Giving Out Sex To The Husband : It’s a plain truth that sex is so important to most men, and many assume to be free to have sex with their wive any time once they are married, but it’s unfortunate that most women fail to understand this. The more you continue to deny your husband of sex, the more he continues losing his interest on you, and the more chance of cheating on you. So as a woman you have been married to satisfy your husband, don’t be a Failure.💛🤔❤️

  2. If The Wife Doesn’t Show Good Love, Respect To Him Or Generally The Behavior Of The Wife : The behavior of the wife is one of the most important determinant on whether the husband will cheat or not. Men value love and respect from their partner, you need to make them feel loved and respected. Once they feel loved, their conscience would always judge them whenever they want to misbehave.

  3. Most Men Are Sex Addicts : The truth is that some men are so stupid in terms of sex, so sorry to say that. No matter how you treat them they must cheat. If you have this type of man, believe it’s only your wisdom that is needed in your marriage. Pray for him, love him so much, treat him the way you would love him to be. Never try to change him in a violent way because that may be an express way to destroying your marriage.

  4. Most Men Lack Self Principles, Self Discipline/Self Controls :One of the worst problem we have in our country is that many lack self principles, and can not discipline themselves. Should men be self disciplined, they would know that their body is not to be shared with any woman except their wife.

Remember: I have not said that it’s only the men that cheat, women cheat also but the major interest of this post is on the men.

5 . Note: most times a cheating husband still loves & respects his wife, but once a wife starts cheating, she losts both her love & respect for the husband.

6 . So today most men cheat because it’s in their nature, but they still love the wife/family. So in order to protect your marriage as a wife, see cheating to be normal among men, don’t force him to stop cheating, rather stop him from cheating through your good behavior.


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