See reason why Wizkid has to delete all posts on his Instagram Account

Nigeria’s international act Wizkid Ayo Balogun has gone blank on Instagram. All the posts on his @wizkidayo account, where he commands 8.2million followers, have been purged.

He did not give reasons for his action.

However fans can still feel him in other multiple accounts, such as Wizkidnews, where 1.4million fans are following; Wizkidayo.starboy, the official Wizkid fan page with 516,000 followers and the unofficial fan page, Wizkiddaayo, which has 347,000 followers.

Wizkid official Instagram page today.

Recently, Nollywood actress and movie producer, Toyin Abraham also deleted all her posts on Instagram, leaving just one, before she joined motherhood. A few days ago, she added another post in which she shares the joy and pains of pregnancy and motherhood.

In 2017, American singer Taylor Swift deleted all her Instagram posts. Her action then was linked with the launch of a long-awaited album that was supposed to be a rebrand for her.

“Many viewed the decision to delete old Instagram posts as part of the album’s wider marketing campaign, one that would allow Swift to redefine herself beyond her country-inspired discography and a series of high-profile relationships,” wrote John Brandon in Incs.

“Social media is like a digital footprint,” Brandon wrote. “You can trace it back for years and keep a record of every post, but that’s not always beneficial or even wise. For some of us, that means companies can see what we said when we were at a different company or in a different time of life. Most of us forget to think about that, and we keep the archive forever. Why is that?”

By purging his Instagram account, is Wizkid up to something?


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