Saraki jubilates over CCT victory as Nigerians mock EFCC

Saraki jubilates over CCT victory. The president of the Bukola Saraki has been discharged and acquittal by the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). Saraki is in a jubilant mood while some Nigerians mock the anti- corruption fight of Buhari government and current EFCC and ICPC with their prosecutors.

Saraki, whose trial for false assets declaration started in 2015, said in a statement he personally signed, that the outcome of the trial has renewed the citizens’ faith in the courts.

Saraki jubilates over CCT victory

Saraki jubilates over CCT victory in his twitter handle post series tweets to celebrate his victory. He said God has finally vindicated him.. Read some of his tweets:

Meanwhile some Nigerians have expressed shocked over the CCT judgment that set Saraki free. They blame EFCC and their prosecutors inability to prosecute their case beyond reasonable doubt rather than media trial. Also the civil society organisations said Saraki victory at the code of conduct tribunal is a setback in the anti-corruption fight.

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