Sanusi Is A Chronic Thief – Asari Dokubo Explodes In A Video

The former leader of Niger Delta Militant, Alh. Asari Dokubo has accused the Deposed Emir of Sanusi of several things.

Dokubo who spoke a 5 minutes video he released to social media, he said, Sanusi mismanaged the Emirates fund and that is why he was dethroned. He further disclosed that Sanusi is common thief and he should be putting in where a common thief belongs.

He accused Sanusi of speaking billions in cars and used millions in calls. He said Sanusi is a liar he accused the good man President Jonathan of stolen 40 billions, a thief will always quick to accuse others.

People should not pity him over his dethronement, he deserved it and he supposed to be putting in jail where a common thief belongs.



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