Roman Abramovich Shops For Possible Frank Lampard’s Replacement At Chelsea

The Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been told to sack Chelsea manager Frank Lampard over the woeful performance against Manchester City.

Chelsea’s owner is now shopping for a possible replacement for Frank Lampard and people are expecting the shocking news of  Frank Lampard’s sack very soon. The January transfer window has fully commenced Frank Lampard is in the heat of his career right now but we never have any ideas of a coach that will replace Frank Lampard at Chelsea.

That’s despite Chelsea forking out more than £200million in the summer to improve their squad, adding significant strength to the squad but equally, significant pressure on Lampard to succeed.

It looked as though he and the Blues just might succeed after an impressive start to the season, but they have since suffered a disappointing spell which continued with a 3-1 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday when they conceded all three goals in the first half.

Some are now calling for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to pull the trigger and sack Lampard, but Match of the Day pundit Murphy has urged him not to, citing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has turned things around at Manchester United, and Mikel Arteta, who has enjoyed a resurgence of late with Arsenal, as examples of what happens when owners are patient.


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