Rivers Police vows to arrest the Omoku Church Killers

The killers must be brought to book Rivers Police vows to arrest the Omoku Church Killers -In a deadly attack on church worshipper at Omoku town in Rivers State, the State Police Command has made a pledge to investigate and fish out the attackers of Church who ambushed and killed almost 16 worshippers in the town.

The State command’s spokesman, Mr Nnamdi Omini, told reporters in Port Harcourt that the force would launch an investigation into the awful incidence and makes sure the culprits behind the attack are charged and fully prosecuted, he added that although no arrest has been made yet, the police are working to catch the criminals.

Rivers Police vows to arrest the Omoku Church Killers

He said “The police force will ensure that the victims get justice even in their graves, and that “No stone will be left unturned in the course of our investigations, the long arms of the law will catch up with the killers”.

According to him, the reported killings sound untrue due to the amount of security measures that has been made to avoid crime during the festive season.

Mr Omini further announced that Amoured Personnel Carriers had been drafted to strategic locations in the community,and the command will continue its investigation strategy to bring the devious act culprits

The spokesman further stated that security strategies had been put in place to avoid any type of crimes or violent activities, and these strategies had worked out until the violent attack on the church.

He said that security had been tightened at the entry and exist points in the state, while vehicular and foot patrols were increased in the state among other security measures.

He, however, assured members of the Omoku town and surrounding community that such killings would be prevented in the future.

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