Revealed – Evans has been secretly released from detention

The information reach us has it that Evans has been secretly released from detention. The billionaire Kidnapper kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, also known as Evans has reported to have been released secretly from detention.

Evans has been secretly released from detention

The revelations coming out after the Inspector General of Police said that Evans will soon be charged to court. He said they are collating all the Evans criminals activities before they charge him to court. The undisclosed information reaching us has it that Evans has been released secretly.

After the Evans, the kidnapper has transfered from Lagos to Abuja. Some top Politicians that are linked with Evans case have been working tireless to secure his release. What we are hearing here is that they have succeeded in securing his release. He has being released secretly to the public while the police are feeding the public with wrong information until the case die down and Nigeria forget about the case.

If Evans is still in the police cell why are they still keeping him there without charging him to court. What kind of revelations are they still seeking when Evans has confessed to all this deed. Nigerians know the truth about Evans case it should not be hidden or make to die down while they secretly released him.

Charge him to court now to prove your innocent to all Nigerians. The rich protect themselves while the poor are meant to suffer unjustly. Does it means Evans has been secretly released from detention only time will tell.



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