Reasons Why Mercy And Omashola Fight At BBNaija Pepperdem Reunion Show (Video)

There was a drama in BBNaija pepper dem reunion yesterday when a fight broke out between Mercy and Omashola. Mercy pushed Omashola and he fell slightly away

The season’s winner Mercy Eke aka Lambo got into a real fight onscreen with co-housemate Omashola.

The argument was so heated that the two stood there screaming at each other for many seconds. At one point during the hot argument, Mercy pushed Omashola and he fell slightly away. Luckily, he played the mature one and didn’t hit Mercy back.

During the intense disagreement between Mercy and Omashola, the show’s host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu just sat there not knowing what to do.

Other housemates ran up to separate the fight when Mercy hit Omashola.

Omashola said that he has pissed off when he saw Mercy and Ike in a romantic mood in the bathroom during the main Big Brother Naija Pepperdem show.  He further explains what really happened on that day.

Omashola said, Mercy was in the Shower with Ike and he went in and met them showering together and having fun. So he left the shower and came out with a bunch of condoms saying that they were making him uncomfortable. He was just joking but mercy took it personally and got angry over the issue.

On how the whole “Prostitute” saga came about, Mercy said it was during Omashola dairy session, Mercy accused Omashola of making reference to the what he saw at the shower in the dairy session and accused him of shaming her in the dairy session.

Watch the video below:



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