R. Kelly caught sending his n*de photos to 17-year-old boy (Screenshots)

R. Kelly caught sending his n*de photos: American singer-songwriter, R. Kelly has been accused multiple times of s*xually assaulting young women. Now, he’s being accused of targeting young men.

According to a Twitter user, the 51-year-old singer asked a 17-year-old boy to come and visit him and even offered to fly him out. Kelly also allegedly sent his nude photos to the boy.

R. Kelly caught sending his n*de photos, @lashaemcclair narrated the story on Twitter and shared screenshots of the message R.Kelly sent to the boy named Amari with the Instagram handle @iamnazheef.

Whether or not the chats are real is currently being debated on Twitter.

See the chats below.

R. Kelly caught sending his n*de photos

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This new allegation is coming just months after a woman alleged that she had a sexual relationship with R. Kelly when she was an underage. She adds to the list of women who have accused the singer of such.



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