Prophet TB Joshua Reveals The Real Cause Of Coronavirus, Warns Trump

While Scientists listed the real chase of Coronavirus but the Prophet TB Joshua of Synagogue of All Nations are looking at the spiritual angle of the cause and spread of coronavirus.

TB Joshua disclosed that real of cause is the sins and wicked perpetuated by most people around the world. People of the world have gone out of the teaching of God and the disobedience to God. God is using the virus as the punishment for the sins of the people.

Unless People come back to God and forsake their sins, coronavirus may still persist but God is a merciful God and He is in the business of forgiveness.

TB Joshua made this know through his Facebook page and also advised the President of United States of American Donald Trump to change his plan of banning all European countries from entering America. He said the move will affect the economic of the country.

Coronavirus has affected about 116,000 people around the world and about 126 countries of the world.

Nigeria has already get the taste of her own after Italian who came from Milan in Italy to Nigeria test positive to a coronavirus and a Nigerian has also contacted the virus through the Italian.


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