Primary school teacher was caught sending naked selfies to a schoolboy’s Mum

A primary school teacher was caught sending naked selfies to a schoolboy’s mum, a misconduct hearing was told.

Clive Beattie, 56, is accused of saying ‘I love your mummy’ to the pupil, five, who was in his Year One class at a North Wales school. He also allegedly asked the boy to draw his mother in a wedding dress, the Education Workforce Council hearing heard.

The boy’s mother, named only as Person A, sent the veteran schoolteacher a picture of herself in underwear, telling him: ‘It’s your turn.’

Mr Beattie, of Prestatyn, then responded to the mother’s message with three naked selfies of himself from the waist down, the Cardiff hearing was told.

An investigation was launched after Person A’s husband took the naked photos into Ysgol Penmorfa primary school, in Prestatyn, to show them to the headteacher.

Presenting officer Patrick Llewellyn said: ‘The husband said Mr Beattie had been in contact with his wife via social media. He showed her photos of Mr Beattie naked from the waist down.

Clive Beattie painting in the school he works at.
Beattie told the council official that it all started after the boy’s mum added him on Facebook (Picture: Wales News Service)

‘He said Mr Beattie had outlined his love of Person A to Child A.’

Council official Bruce Knight led an investigation into Mr Beattie on behalf of Denbighshire council over the ‘inappropriate use of social media and sending indecent images that adversely impacted on the school.’

Mr Knight stated that Mrs Patterson, the school’s headteacher, had been shown the three pictures that Mr Beattie sent to the young boy’s mother.

He said: ‘She saw three pictures of Clive Beattie naked with an erection. One was of him sitting and two of [him] standing in front of a mirror.’

Mr Knight interviewed the husband, named as Person B in the hearing, who said that he and his wife were trying to ‘rebuild their relationship’.

He added that Mr Beattie had ‘engaged in inappropriate behaviour with Child A by asking him to draw a picture of Person A in her wedding dress and telling him he loved Person A’.

The teacher had begun to contact the mother via Facebook after she sent him a friend request and wished him a happy birthday, the hearing heard. Mr Knight was told that Mr Beattie thought she was ‘very attractive’.

He went on: ‘They began to message each other and later she sent him a picture of herself wearing a bra and knickers.’

Mr Beattie denied asking the woman’s son to draw a picture of his mother in a wedding dress and telling him he loved her.

The teacher has been accused of unacceptable professional conduct after pursuing ‘sexually motivated’ behaviour with the woman.

The allegation states: ‘Your actions were sexually motivated and carried out in pursuit of sexual gratification or a future sexual relationship with Person A.’

Mr Beattie is also accused of breaching Denigbyshire County Council’s social media policies. He is not attending the hearing and is not represented.

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