President Buhari Speaks Of Reducing Oil Price Over Coronavirus

President Buhari has ensured to address the impact of coronavirus on the Nigeria economy. The president assured that the impact of the Coronavirus and the economy will be minimised as much as possible.

The president disagreed with the call for the oil price to be reduced because of the impact of Coronavirus on the economy. He said Government interest is to ensure that the welfare and well-being of Nigerians are a preserved as much as possible, so the government is looking forward to getting ready for what may be inevitable if coronavirus last for a longer time.

The Special Assistance to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina made this know while speaking with the Channels TV, whatever is best for Nigeria will be done or ready we’ll have the centre for disease control, we have the ministry of health on top of the situation and you can see the daily if not the hourly briefing on the situation at hand.

Coronavirus in Nigeria does not call for panic yet and the government is tackling it seriously if it should be taken seriously, nothing is ruled out to keep Nigeria safe secure and safe.

Nigeria had only three cases one has got out of it the third one was just discovered today as I said earlier is not time to be panic, Buhari said that he will take every appropriate step not only to protect Nigerians but also to preserve their economic well-being and don’t also forget that Nigeria is not in the best of shape economically. The economy is just being rebuilt is going to be slow but it’s growing the economy



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