Poor visibility, motive of Osinbajo’s 2019 helicopter crash — AIB


Vice chairman Yemi Osinbajo’s helicopter crash on February 2nd, 2019 become caused by an inflight visibility restrict, the accident investigation Bureau, AIB, has revealed.

The ill-fated Augusta Westland (AW139) helicopter, operated by means of Caverton Helicopters confined took off from the Nnamdi Azikiwe global Airport, Abuja to Okene via Kabba at about 1:36 PM local time.

At approximately an hour later, it crashed at Kabba, Kogi kingdom with all 12 folks on board consisting of Professor Osinbajo evacuated uninjured.

In a file launched by AIB on Tuesday, the employer stated “the flight crew encountered a brownout condition at some stage in the hover to land, which led to the loss of external visible references, spatial disorientation and lack of situational awareness ensuing in misjudgment of distance and floor clearance, as the flight crew attempted to manipulate the helicopter’s actions for landing. The helicopter landed tough and rolled over on its proper aspect.”

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