Police Locks Station, Run Away After Hearing The Sound Of Gun From Awawa Boys In Agege

Awawa Boys stormed Dopumu, the aluminum village on Sunday night shooting periodically on the air at the hear of the sound of their guns a Police State that is located in that Area was padlocked by all the Policemen and Policewomen on night duty.

My State News spoke to Mr Tolu on Monday morning who is also a residents in Dopemu the Orile Agege LCDA, he narrated what the people of that area faced on that fateful day, He said, at around 11 Pm on Sunday, I was on my private resident when I started hearing different sound of guns. I quickly locked my doors and we called the Police but there no response. The boys who came in numbers was later discovered that they are members of a cult group called awawa boys. As they were shooting, they are entering house by house.

We the residents did not get any response from the police they resorted in helping themselves out. One of the OPC leader gathers his boys and many boys from street joined them that night, they headed to the police station for assistant only to find the station locked and keyed and the police on duty have ran away.

The boys faced the Awawa boys but because if lack of weapons the awawa boys overpowered them and caused a lot of damage in the area.

Thanks to Nigerian Solders who came in and combat the boys that was when those awawa boys ran away.

Driving through that every in the following morning we discovered a lot of broken bottles and burning tyres.


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