Police caught raping maid after turning down his proposal

A Zimbabwean police officer has been arrested for allegedly raping his 18-year-old domestic worker after she had turned down his proposal of love.

The Chronicle reports that Tonderai Titus Madanha (38) who is stationed at Gwanda Urban Police Station, Traffic Department, reportedly forced himself on his domestic worker after she had turned down his proposal.

Appearing before Gwanda Magistrate Court, Mrs Nomagugu Sibanda Madanha was not asked to plead to assault charges.

According to the state, Madanha raped the complainant in March 2017 at his home in Bekezela Township, Filabusi.

“In March 2017 Madanha proposed love to the complainant who is his maid but she turned him down. In August 2017, the complainant was in her bedroom when Madanha entered and got hold of her and started fondling her breasts and told her that he loved her. Madanha tried to remove the complainant’s skirt but she fought him and fled from the room. The complainant didn’t tell anyone about the incident,” according to the State papers.

“On 9 October 2017 at around 9am, the complainant was sleeping in her bedroom when Madanha walked in and asked whether she still didn’t love him. The complainant remained silent and Madanha started fondling her breasts and lifted her skirt to waist level.”

The court heard that the complainant’s efforts to restrain Madanha’s pursuits were not fruitful after she was overpowered and was allegedly raped.

After committing the crime, Madanha reportedly warned the complainant against reporting the matter to anyone.

The complainant then disclosed what had happened to her brother during a phone call on the same day, which led to the matter being reported to the police.

His trial is expected to commence on July 7.


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