Few hours to Croatia vs Nigeria PHCN on rampage disconnecting light

PHCN on rampage disconnecting light. As many residents are awaiting the kick off of Croatia vs Nigeria match. The report has it that PHCN staff are in revenge operating disconnecting light of customers who are owning light bill. This is happening in many area of Lagos State and some area of Ogun state.

This disconnection according to one the PHCN staff is to enable people who refused to pay their electricity bill to so immediately if they want to enjoy the world cup games.

PHCN on rampage disconnecting light

The official of PHCN are also alleged to have demanded to huge amount of money as bribe if customers don’t want their light to be disconnected. Money charged range from N5000 to N10,000 according to amount the customers owed.

A fight brought out between the PHCN staff and the area boys in Kola area of Lagos State this money when PHCN attempted to climb the poll in order to disconnect lights in that area. A group of boys attacked them threatened to kill them if they climb the poll. That is what save people from that area.

An eye witness in Agege area reported that there was mass operation carried out this morning by PHCN officials. He said his house was enable to bribe their way out.

While Nigerians fans are gearing up for the match Croatia vs Nigeria. The PHCN are busy looting the public.

So what will yo do if NEPA get to your own apartment?

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